January 27, 2013 @ 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm GMT0
$250 per team
Tom O'Gorman

It’s time for another endurance race at Full Throttle Indoor Karting, and this one’ll be the longest race yet!

The weekend of January 26th is the running of the United States most famous road race, the Rolex 24 at Daytona. In honor of this grueling race, we’re hosting a 2.4 hour (2 hours 24 minutes) indoor kart race on January 27th. Below are all the details about the race. You’re not going to want to miss this one!

-Starting grid will be determined by a random draw.
-Each team must have 3-6 drivers. Each team may choose a team name.
-Each team must make a minimum of 3 driver changes during the event. Teams are able to complete driver changes whenever they choose.
-Each team must make a kart change during the race. The Full Throttle crew will determine when each team pits for a kart change. Teams may not complete a driver change and kart change in the same stop.
-The start will be a LeMans start on the front straight: Drivers will run from one side of the front straight to the other, where their kart is parked and running. The driver will jump in the kart and buckle the seatbelt. Only once the seatbelt is buckled and BOTH of the drivers hands are on the steering wheel can the driver accelerate. Drivers will be allowed to use an assistant from their team to help with the seatbelt. The assistant must keep BOTH feet flat on the ground during the start. Teams will be given time to practice their starting strategy.
-Teams will be responsible for making their own driver changes. Full Throttle crew members will assist in the driver changes and kart adjustments.
-Upon entering the pits for any reason, the driver must come to a complete stop in the designated stop box before accelerating down pit lane. Pit lane speed limit must be kept to a walking pace. The seatbelt must be buckled and BOTH of the drivers hands must be on the steering wheel before leaving the pit box.
-In the case of a caution, the field will be held at Start/Finish, starting with the leader, until the caution is resolved and any ensuing penalties are assessed. The race will resume at Turn 2 by a single file rolling restart.
-Penalties assessed by the race officials are not open for protest.

Don’t worry – for those of you who want to be watching Daytona 24, we’ll be playing it on our TVs here. Stick around after the race to watch the finish!

8:30am – Doors Open, Check-In Open
9:00am – Driver’s Meeting in Conference Room, followed by practice starts
9:30am – Green Flag
~11:54am – Checkered Flag
12:00pm – Podium Ceremony

Cost of entry is $250 per team and the first 10 teams to make payment will be accepted. Full payment must be made to guarantee a spot in the race. Teams must enter by Friday, January 25th and may enter in person at the track, or by phone. Feel free to contact the track at (513) 341-5278 or togorman@cincykarting.com with any questions about the rules or format. This event will fill quickly, so get your entry in today!