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Aaron Banfield

Owner, Director of Operations

Aaron spent time running a Camaro in circles – (yes, on a race track) when he was in Florida.   His current car is equipped with 4 point harnesses – but only on the child seats for his young family. A car to race / play with is in the future for him.

 Aaron is a referee for the US Wheelchair Rugby Association and an accomplished practical joker

 Big Stig


Joe O’Gorman

Owner, Director of Development

Joe runs a ’99 Mazda Miata in local SCCA Solo events and participates in track days at regional race tracks. He specializes in finding a way to get his car backwards on a regular basis.

 Joe seems to know everyone. He is often seen talking to his new best friend.



David Santel

Marketing Manager

David competes locally and nationally in his ’02 Mini Cooper at SCCA Solo events. He is also team captain for “Eau Rude Racing”, a 24-Hours of Lemons team racing a ’92 Sentra SE-R. Dave instructs for both the SCCA and 10/10ths Motorsports, and has been known to get in the occasional go-kart race outside of Full Throttle. He’ll tell you he “almost” won the Red Bull driver challenge, but hay bales got in the way.

 Yes, he actually is old enough to vote. And drink! No, seriously, he is.

 Colonel Danger


Jenn Smoot

Group Sales

Jenn is our novice racer but enjoys good competition as well as fun and unique events like the ones she plans for Full Throttle groups!  As a local event planner for 10 years, she’ll be sure that your group is still talking about go karting for weeks!

Jenn can often be found enjoying time with her Pug, music, photography, scrapbooking and football…WHO DEY!!

 JSmoot  34.222
Randy Wells

Chief Mechanic


Randy races go-karts with OVKA as part of the Racing 4 Vets Team.

 Randy fixes EVERYTHING on the karts with a hammer. We don’t know how he does it, but he does it.

 Randy Wells


Tom O’Gorman

Operations Coordinator

 Tom specializes in driving other peoples’ cars. He is a competitor in local, regional, and national levels with the SCCA solo. He has finished in the top 10 since his first national event when he was 16. Tom is also part of the “Eau Rude” racing team and is focused on getting his competitive license to road race with the SCCA.   Tom designed a good portion of the Full Throttle track – and is the king of Forza.  

 Tom is an alien. It must be true because it was published in a major magazine.

 Honey Boo Boo Child


Evan Lawhead

Asst. Manager


Evan raced for Benneton F1 back in the early ’80s.

There’s a bird nest in his beard. But stay far away, they’re endangered and the government says you can’t disturb them in their natural habitat.

Fear the Beard


Ray Torbeck

Owner of Fast Lane Slot Cars

Ray races smaller cars… Mainly 1/32 scale, although he has competed in some SCCA events with his Corvette.

 Ray is the world’s biggest UC Bearcats fan! He also restores cars and currently owns a Model-A.